Finding the RIGHT Home

Too many times people think they are looking for the perfect home.  Let me know when you find it.  Even if you picked out the lot, the floor plan, and every single detail it would be hard to find the "perfect" home. And that "perfect" home sounds like you would need an endless supply of money.  What we focus on at Steps Realty is finding our clients the RIGHT home.  How do we do that?  We listen!  It is our buyer's job to tell us what they want and need in a home.  It is our job to educate them with realistic expectations and find the RIGHT home to meet their criteria and budget.  Whether you are a seasoned buyer, a first time buyer, or an investor, let Steps Realty find you the RIGHT home for your next purchase.

FIRST TIME HOMEBUYERS: "Overwhelming!"  This is the most common phrase we hear when people describe their experience with purchasing their first home.  At Steps Realty we do not believe in our first time homebuyers using this word.  Our goal is to make the transaction run smooth while still educating our clients about the entire process. We manage each transaction one step at a time.  Our goal is to take as much of the stress away but still allow our clients to learn the process so they are more knowledgeable on their next transaction. 

Getting the Most for Your Home

So many new agents are scared of listings.  There is a saying in our business that says, "List to Exist!"  If this saying is true then you would think all agents would strive to acquire as many listings as possible.  The fact is many agents are scared of listings because they do not know what to do if the home they listed does not sell quickly.  They do not know how to answer a seller's number one question: "Why hasn't my house sold?"

At Steps Realty we love working with sellers.  Why are we not afraid of listings?  Because we know how to sell them.  We put in the work and research to make sure every one of our listings has two things: The RIGHT price and the RIGHT presentation.

PRICE: The RIGHT Price should not be confused with a low price.  If you price your home too low you may get a quick sell but how much did you leave on the table?  If you price your home too high you may miss out on potential buyers that would love to see your home but have hesitations about if it will appraise to value.  You can always lower the price, but in a strong market you do not want unnecessary days on the market.  Many times you will get more by simply pricing it RIGHT because multiple buyers will want your home.  At the end of the day the seller chooses the list price.  What we do at Steps Realty is present each seller with extensive research to support a price we feel confident in.

PRESENTATION:  Presentation has always been important but it seems that now more than ever it is vital to have a home look its absolute best.  Especially for pictures.  Most buyers will have to see your home in person to make a decision but due to the online presence, more and more buyers are falling in love with homes online.  We have had multiple buyers tell us, "I am 99% sure this is the home I am going to buy" without even seeing it yet.  How does Steps Realty help you get your home the RIGHT presentation?  We pay for a professional stager and professional photographer on every listing to ensure your home not only has the right look for showings but also for the pictures that will be displayed online. 

PROPERTY STAGING:  We hire a professional stager on every listing to help you identify net positive areas of improvement. Most often, this involves d├ęcor consulting, redesigning using your current furniture/decorations, some landscaping, and light touch up paint. These small changes can make a huge improvement in how your property presents itself in photographs and in person.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY:  It is imperative to have a professional photographer these days in Real Estate.  That is why we use a professional on every listing.  Whether it is a $60,000 home or a $1million dollar mansion we believe the right pictures are the key to tons of showings.