In this video Chris shares his tips and advice on overcoming the word “No!”  With over 15 years of sales and marketing experi­ence Chris has heard his fair share of “NOs” but over time he has come up with techniques to overcome and eliminate the word “No!” Check it out

Motivational Speaker, Chris Sandahl, talks about faith, being a dad, balance in life, and much more. Chris has a unique story teller's approach to delivering a high energy message mixed with humor. Laugh with him. Laugh at him. Chris Sandahl is a regular guest on multiple lifestyle shows. Sandahl is very high energy and humorous while bringing his extreme passion about being a dad. He not only talks about Babies Can Smell Fear but also talks about being a parent, offers advice and tips, and does live demonstrations. He has challenged parents to obstacle course races, used a breast pump, performed diaper changes, answered parenting questions, and told funny stories from the front line of fatherhood. If you are in need of a guest for a parenting/fatherhood segment, Sandahl is your man. Bring his special affection for being a dad with a mix of humor and energy to your show. Check out his website at

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Chris Sandahl has more than 15 years experience in the sales and marketing industry.  This month’s topic is How Realtors Get Paid.  This is a common question from first time home buyers and sellers.  In this vid­eo Chris breaks down how Realtors get paid and offers some insight on how that fee is determined and earned.

Watch his Elevator Pitch marketing video with tips and the Steps Realty Elevator Pitch.

In this video Chris shares his 3Ps to selling your home fast.  Is there a magic trick to selling a home quickly as opposed to it sitting on the market? Unfortu­nately the answer is no, but there are ways that you can get a com­petitive edge.  Chris shares his techniques.